You fully in your Magic is the Medicine for this Earth

Yesssss you have a whole lot of Magic inside, that is waiting to be fully seen, embraced & embodied. Your unique Light / Medicin is so needed right now during this massive shift & rise in consciousness we are going through as a collective.

And if you are like me, you have been feeling this pulse / energy / roar within you growing stronger and stronger every day, a deep inner knowing that you came to Earth to be of service, to share your wisdom and truth. I am here to gently guide you in following what your Soul is calling you to do / leap into.

I can imagine that (to some degree) you experience (self)doubt and/or fear of fully stepping into your Light. I feel you! For centuries we had to hide our Light and gifts as medicine man & women, healers, seers, lightworkers. Times have changed and Mother Earth is ready for all of us to Unite and wake up to our true Selves and re-member, we have been training for this for lifetimes and together, we will Rise!

Hi! My name is Kimberly Rachel

Seer 𓂀 Unseen & Next Level 𓆃 Activator

This image of me portraits what I LOVE most, making the invisible, your magic, visible. Underneath all the veils of oblivion.

I focus on guiding mission-driven entrepeneurs, (awakening) New Earth Leaders, in re-connecting with their Higher Self and Zone of Genius / gifts, so they start to fully see, feel, embrace & embody their unique ‘Legacy of Light’ and incorporate this Essence into their Life, Soul Business & Offerings.

In other words be YOU, unapologetic! I invite you (as you are reading this) to release your Inner Rebel! (S)he is waiting to come out, can you feel it?!

How you can work with me

If you would like more information or connect with me personally,  feel free to reach out . You are so welcome!