Level UP!

A paradigm shifting 4 month 1:1 journey for the Soul-led entrepreneur who is transitioning between the old and the new & is ready to step into and fully embody her Next Level Self

✺ She who knows her worth.

✺ She who freely expresses herself, her truth & her unique medicine

✺ She who is deeply connected to her intuition / Higher Self and leads from that place

✺ She who sees her business as a Divine channel for her Sacred Mission here on Earth

✺ She who knows that her energy is Sacred & that she is the creator of her reality

✺ She who boldly takes inspired action to manifest the life & business she deeply desires.

✺ She who is unfuckwithable.

The energy container of ‘Level Up’ is transformative, powerful, playful and above all expansive.

It invites you to fully surrender into the unknown, let go of the old and familiar & align with your highest timeline, which is waiting to be activated by YOU.

You now more than ever, feel ready to open yourself up for what is meant for you and claim your birthright. And really embody this next level version of you.

You are now at a point in your life & business where already a lot has shifted within you and around you, in your favor. Mainly because of the inner work you have done & spiritual transformations you have gone through.

You feel empowered and activated in a deep knowing that you are part of something way bigger. That you have a Sacred Mission here on Earth that is unfolding layer by layer.

Your intuition / connection to your Higher Self is getting stronger and stronger and you know there is no more turning back to who you once were / where you came from.

You feel this inner drive to expand. To grow. To release your inner rebel and embrace the Big Bold energy you carry within.

No more holding back.
No more playing small.

It’s time to go ALL-in on your dreams/visions & step into your next level of service as a leader of the new Age.

It´s time to Level UP!


I got you!

Before we continue with the juicy details of this program I first want to take a moment to CELEBRATE where you are NOW, who you’ve BEcome!  

I know from experience walking this path/paving the way, doing the inner work, knowing you are here to do BIG things can feel challenging, lonely, and mind-blowing / exciting all at the same time.

I see you. 

It would be a great honor to guide you to your Next Level. Let’s bend time and space & jump timelines together!

With love, 
Kimberly Rachel

Whats inside Level UP!

We will start with a 3 hour kick-off in person (Hellevoetsluis) or online

Where we will energetically create space for the new (you) to come through / activate you into your highest timeline  + get a more clear vision of that version of you. We will also formulate a powerful intention + the first steps to embody the Next Level You in the here and NOW. Think bold choices, wardrobe / style changes,  small new routines to get the energy going and build momentum.

Then we will meet for a transformational One day Retreat (Hellevoetsluis)

During the first part of the day we will shed light on your Zone of Genius, your unique (multidimensional) gifts / talents that you naturally bring to the table, which give you intense JOY. During the second part of the day we will tap into the field of infinite potential and open up your Divine channel to retrieve details of who you are here to serve & what Signature offer wants to be birthed trough you, aligned with your Highest timeline & Sacred Mission here on Earth.

We will work out the details of your Signature offer + actions that are required in the coming weeks to get your offer out in the world in a way that feels aligned and joyful. At the end of the day you go home with a deep sense of purpose & a clear vision into your Next level of Service.

6 Online integration sessions (90 min)

In between our f2f gatherings we will plan bi-weekly integration sessions. What we do during these sessions can range from:

~ Tuning into what you need right now to shift limiting beliefs, realign to your highest timeline & embody your new energy/identity on even deeper levels.

~ Work with your body to release the old + energetically make space for the new you to come through

~ In-spiring you to make bold decisions & take quantum action towards your goal (s)

~ Guiding you to tune into your Higher Self / inner guidance to finalize the details on your Signature offer ( content / pricing / marketing / website) and get it in front of you meant-to-be clients

~ And anything else that wants to present itself while leveling UP, which is a leap into the unknown. All kinds of challenges / tests can arise, but I will be by your side guiding you through it. It’s in these pivotal moments everything can shift in an instant, if you hold the trust and stand strong in your vision.

You will also receive ongoing Whatsapp support (Monday – Thursday)

Where you can ask  me anything that comes up in between our sessions. I am here for you

Level UP VIP package! 👑

Whaaaah if you choose the Level UP VIP version you will also receive a Highest Timeline Embodiment Photoshoot experience to set the energy / tone for the launch of your new Signature offer & to CELEBRATE /  fully ANCHOR in the new YOU.

This VIP package includes an additional

~ 2  hour online Pinterest visionboard co-creation session, which will be the briefing for the shoot (location, clothing, hair, vibe).

~ 1-1,5 hour shoot by a professional photographer to capture your powerful, bold & unique essence, which has you ready to launch your signature offer & magnetize your meant-to-be clients.


The energy exchange

The energy exchange for Level UP! is 2800 excl VAT / 3388 incl.

The energy exchange for Level UP! VIP is 3400 excl vAT / 4114 incl.

Payment plans available.

After Level UP

✺ You will be in a whole other place #leveledup because of the BOLD decisions you were willing to take in alignment with your Highest Timeline.

✺ You are embodying your new identity more and more, you feel confident and more YOU than ever

✺ You have birthed and launched a new SIGNATURE offer which is in alignment with your Sacred mission here on Earth

✺ You feel empowered and ready to DEVOTE yourself to your Sacred Mission and who you are here to serve.

✺ You have started to feel your True power and know on an even deeper level that EVERYTHING is possible for you and that you are the CREATOR

You will not be the same person as you started.
Get ready to level UP and AWAKEN your true potential.


Can I also join if I just started my business? 

Yes, you are more than welcome too! It doesn’t matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, what’s important is that you feel the call from your Soul to Level UP, to embody your next level Self & create a signature offer that is in alignment with your true potential & Sacred mission here on Earth. This programm will launch you & your business to it’s next level.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes it is possible to pay in 2, 4, or 6 installments.

When does Level UP! start?

Level UP! will start in the beginning of 2024. You can already join the waitlist here, so you will be the first to know and will also receive early bird bonusses.

I have another question.

Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram, or mail so I can provide you with the information you need so you can boldly decide to go ALL IN on you, your life & your business in 2024. It’s time!