Rooted to Rise

A 1:1 energetic session to release dense energy that does not serve you anymore, ground you into your body & activate you into your next level of Service

I felt called to offer these ‘Rooted To Rise’ sessions, so you as a (awakening) New Earth Leader AND as a Human being on a journey of ascension, can call for extra support to release dense energy that does not serve you anymore, ground you into your body & activate you into your next level of service. 

Perhaps you are feeling exhausted, or blocked in your energy & creativity, or blocked in voicing your unique vision and wisdom, or perhaps you are just feeling of / not yourself lately. I feel you!

With so much that is going on right now, energetically, globally and from an ascension point of view, it can sometimes feel quite overwhelming and even unsafe for our highly sensitive bodies to be in the now moment. To feel. To let life in.

During a 1:1 ‘Rooted to Rise’ distance session I use different healing modalities  (Reiki + Crystal energy + light language) to help your body / nervous system to relax and feel safe again. While simultaneously shifting stagnant energy, balancing out your energy centers and upgrading your Lightbody / DNA. 

So you feel yourself again. Grounded. Balanced. Energized. Connected to your body and your Higher Self. Ready to boldly leap into your next level of service, from a grounded and embodied place.

These energetic sessions are healing, activating and above all magical. What happens, which is unique in every session, goes beyond the mind. It’s an agreement between our Souls.

And if that is the case between your Soul and mine, your body will respond to these words with a full body YES / intuitive knowing that this energetic session might just be the gentle push you need to re-align with your Highest timeline / your Sacred mission here on Earth.

“Kimberly is a gifted space holder and healer. And together with her magical crystals I find myself going deeply into myself and my healing. It taps me so deeply into my inner world and gives me the space to listen to all the answers that are within. I feel cleansed and upgraded to a expanded more limitless version of myself, ready to step into my power & purpose on this planet. Thank you – deeply grateful.”


“What a magical session/experience!
I found it so remarkable that you mentioned all subjects that play such a huge role in my life..Egypt, Mu, Maria Magdalena. Waoow!

I am very much enjoying the after effects, I feel a lot has shifted within. I feel more empowerd in my being, my gifts, my visions / messages that I intuitively receive.

I feel a lot of magic has happened during the session, which will unfold even further the coming months. Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed in this moment in time.”


Practical information

The duration of the session is 90 minutes and the energetic exchange is €197 incl. VAT.

Before the session we briefly connect via video call to open the sacred space & tune into your personal intention for the session. Communication can be in English or Dutch.

During the session I will ask you to make yourself comfortable / create a sacred space in the privacy of your own home, to receive the energetic upgrade.

We will not be in direct contact during the session, but it’s likely that you will feel my energetic presence. This can be in the form of tingling / hot / cold sensations or perhaps certain visions can come up. You will also notice your body go into a deep relaxation / receiving mode during the session.

Once the session is finished we connect via video call to share our experiences and any other messages that want to be conveyed from your Soul.

I would advise you to not plan anything busy after the session, but to give your body some time to adjust, relax and drink some extra water to support the integration process on a physical level.

It is also an option to go on a longer journey together, where you will receive a total of 3 Rooted to Rise sessions (within a timespan of 3-5 months), so you can build momentum, be more resilient / centered when challenges arise and therefore hold the frequency of your desired timeline / outcome in life & business with more ease.  The special price for this offer is €497 incl. VAT.

Feeling the call?

 Then feel free to send me an email or whatsapp message (+316-12685877) with your availability and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Looking forward to meeting you!

With Love,
Kimberly Rachel