The Journey Within

A channeled Soul Frequency Artwork, including Sacred Rituals, which will help you to journey deep within, re-member your True Essence and reconnect with & embody your Higher Self on a daily basis

Welcome dear Lightworker and (awakening) New Earth Leader with a heartfelt mission to uplift the planet. I see you, because I too resonate with that mission Soul much! So thank you for being here and for following your heart, again and again and again in a world that still has a long way to go and perhaps made you feel like you didn’t belong / your presence makes no difference. But the world needs you, the wayshowers, the dreamers, the believers, the visionaries now more than ever to dream a New Earth into being.

I created this ‘Journey Within’ because I know from experience it is THE most important journey to go on, before we can go out in the world and work our Light from a place of confidence, trust and devotion.

Without a solid inner foundation where we truly see, feel, embrace & start to embody our infinite, powerful, wise & unconditionally loving Self on a daily basis, it can become quite challenging to hold your vision, to keep showing up and to stay true to your inner truth & path.

Insecurity and doubt can take over when not in alignment with who you truly are, which can easily throw you off center, make you feel small, alone and going around in circles / not really living the life / having the business that lights up your Soul. I feel you!

For me, going on this inner quest re-membering my True Essence and creating daily rituals to strengthen my Higher Self connection (+ tap into it’s infinite wisdom, love & power) changed my life & how I run my business in so many ways. It amplified my Self love, my Self worth, as well as feeling on purpose & guided in my Mission here on Earth as a New Earth Leader in business. This inner connection makes me feel centered, grounded and in tune with my own intuitive wisdom, so I can stay true to myself in every situation. And so much more, because the journey within is a journey of expansion. It keeps expanding and expanding, because we are infinite beings, with infinite potential.

Are you ready to take a leap into the unknown and journey deeeeep within, so you can come home  to your True Self and the support, love and infinite wisdom that awaits you there?

Ok then lets dive into the details!

To go on this Journey Within I will channel/create a magical Soul Portrait, based on your Soul’s unique frequency, using intuitive art, sacred geometry & crystals on a beautiful round canvas.

This Soul ‘Portal’ holds the frequency of your original blueprint and being around that frequency daily (think of it as a personalized crystal or like a energetic mirror containing your highest frequency) will activate you in the process of deeply seeing, feeling & embracing your True Self and will step by step awaken your true potential.

The portal comes with several sacred rituals (see below) which will support you in creating a practice to devote yourself to connecting with & embodying your True essence (and its infinite wisdom and power) on a daily basis.

The Sacred Rituals

Divine Devotion (reconnect with your spiritual heart / true essence, training the mind to stay present here & be the observer, which will help in being more present in the now moment and consciously guide/direct your creative energy towards your desires)

Divine Guidance (reconnect with your Higher Self and learn how to tap into it’s infinite wisdom regarding all your challenges and questions in life & business via consciously asking for guidance and receiving answers/signs through intuitive writing and / or your intuitive senses)

Divine Embodiment (intuitive dance / movement / singing rituals that help you embody your true essence on a deeper level)

Divine Healing (Using the purest Light emanating from your Soul portal and within your Heart to embrace & transform any stagnant energy / triggers in your body)

The Energetic Exchange

What your will receive to go on your inner quest:


⊙ A unique channeled Soul Portrait / Portal on a round canvas (30 or 50 cm)

⊙ A layer by layer photo documentation of the creation process incl. channeled personal Soul messages that want to come through (via Whatsapp)

⊙ A ‘Inner Light Activation’ audio to establish a deep connection with your Soul Portal and true Essence

⊙ And a beautifully designed workbook (PDF) with Sacred Rituals to perform with your Soul Portal on a daily basis.

The price for all of the above is €650* (incl 30 cm portal), €950* (incl 50 cm portal).

*Prices are incl. VAT and excl. shipping costs.
*It is possible to pay in 2, 4, or 6 terms.


Optional add-ons to your Journey Within

It is also possible to add one or both 1:1 experiences below to deepen your experience and maximize the results.

⊙ A 1:1 distant energy healing / activation (1,5 hours) to release dense energy that does not serve you anymore & make space for the new / higher Self energy to be felt & embodied more easily (+ €197) Best to be planned before the creation process.

1 month of integration guidance via Whatsapp (monday – thursday) after the Big Reveal, so you can ask all  your questions, share your personal experiences while going within and setting up a daily ritual that works for you (+ €197)

Or add both for €320 incl VAT.


“Lieve Kimberly, dank je wel voor dit práchtige cadeau. Ik had mij niets waardevoller kunnen geven! Mijn mooie en indrukwekkende Soul-portal schilderij, waar ik de aantrekkingskracht van voel en het in me heb: ik zie en voel het zonder er naar te kijken; jouw ‘spot-on’ soul reading met mijn ‘wake-up call’ en jouw visualisatie, zo krachtig en liefdevol tegelijkertijd, die kwam echt ‘binnen’. Er is een bepaalde rust over me heen gevallen, ik voel me intens tevreden & gelukkig. Het voelt als ‘her-inneren’, heel bijzonder!”


“De rituelen zijn echt super fijn, voel me steeds beter in mijn energie staan er er komt steeds meer inspiratie in mij naar boven. Ik heb gisteren en vandaag anderhalf a4tje volgeschreven vanuit mijn Hogere Zelf, dat ging zo soepel! Deze guidance / deze connectie ervaren is echt mega fijn! “


“Vandaag kwam de Soul Portal activatie heel mooi binnen, het stroomde heel krachtig mijn hart in. Elke keer als ik ermee verbind zie ik ook weer andere details, zo mooi! Ik merk ook dat ik meer rust ervaar, omdat ik niet meer (onbewust) aan het zoeken ben buiten mezelf. Je hebt mij laten zien (en voelen) dat ik niet nog meer hoef te DOEN, maar enkel hoef te ZIJN, dat alles al in mij zit. Daar ben ik je heel dankbaar voor!”


Hi! My name is Kimberly Rachel

Mystic | Soul Artist | Spiritual Business Mentor

This image of me portraits what I LOVE most, making the invisible, your magic, visible. Underneath all the veils of oblivion.

I focus on guiding mission-driven entrepeneurs, (awakening) New Earth Leaders, in re-connecting with their Higher Self and Zone of Genius / gifts, so they start to fully see, feel, embrace & embody their unique ‘Legacy of Light’ and incorporate this Essence into their Life, Soul Business & Offerings.

In other words be YOU, unapologetic! I invite you (as you are reading this) to release your Inner Rebel! (S)he is waiting to come out, can you feel it?!

I created this journey for you if

⊙ You (intuitively) know deep down that you are more than your physical body and you feel called to explore and / or deepen the connection to that part of you that is infinite & that holds the keys to your Sacred mission in this life.

⊙ Feel the desire to build a strong inner foundation, where you feel more and more centered & aligned with your inner wisdom and less and less influenced (mentally / emotionally) by the outside world.

⊙ You feel the desire to learn how to connect with & open your (spiritual) heart, so you begin to open yourself for feeling & receiving the unconditional Love of your Soul that resides within.

⊙ You feel called to open up and / or strengthen your channel to your Higher Self and learn how this wise, powerful, multidimensional part of you communicates through you and wants nothing more than to guide you to your most aligned path in life & business.

⊙ You feel that you are here for a reason, that you are part of something way bigger and that you hold specific keys/codes/wisdom to assist Mother Earth / Humanity on this path of ascension and great awakening. You are intuitively guided to go within, to find the answers and un-lock your true potential als a New Earth Leader.

⊙ You, without a specific reason, felt drawn to these Soul Portraits / The Journey Within and just felt a full body YES. Know this is your Soul guiding you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average time it takes to create A Soul Portal?
Every Soul Portal & process is unique, but on average it will take 4 weeks.

What are the shipping costs? 
The shipping costs differ based on where your live & the size of your Soul Portal. Please send me an email with your wishes and I will come back to you with an exact price. Know that it is also an option to pick up your Soul Portal in my studio (Goeree Overflakkee), you are so welcome here.

Is it also possible to gift a Soul Portrait / The Journey Within to someone else?  Yes that is possible! I do need approval from the person receiving it that I am allowed to tap into their Energy/ True Essence (via a photo) during the creation process.  To me energy work is sacred and this approval is needed for me to channel and create these magical Soul Portraits

I feel called to Journey Within and would love to receive a channeled Soul Portrait. What can I do? 
Please fill in this short form with your request and I will get back to you within 24 hours with more info on the next steps. It would be such an honor to capture your magical essence and guide you on your journey within!

Love, Kimberly Rachel